Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter Lunch Inspiration Board

Looking foward to our Easter Lunch with my family and friends on Sunday, here is my Inspiration Board.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Incredible India!!!

City: Hyderabad
Type: Business
When: March 2012
Climate: Dry heat with an attack of mozzies!
Weight: -3kgs
After 24 VERY long hours and a cancelled local flight I landed in Hyderabad at 9am local time, shattered.  Haven't travelled forward for a long time so wasn't used it to.  Had a power-nap and headed to the office.  Took about 4 days to recover from the jet lag. Killer.

Once settled,  the next few days were good.  I was eating what I wanted and the hotel was a stunning oasis in a crazy city with no road rules. 

Motorists just drive towards each other (fast) until one of them chickens out and gives way. Everyone hoots at everyone ALL the time and it's not unusual to see 3-up with a goat or entire families on motorbikes - sans helmets of course!


Also found the Tuk Tuk's quite amusing - they call them '4-in-all' but that by no means is the limit on the number of people!!
 So the question I get asked the most about this trip was "How was your stomach?!"  

For those of you that don't know me, I don't do 'toilet humour' and even convinced my son that girls don't poo and that was why they had boobs!  So I wont go into too much detail but let's just say one may have been 'shitting through the eye of a needle' and have done 'more runs than Tenduklar in a test match!"  I may have not made it to my room in time on one particular occasion but as the saying goes....what happens in the lift stays in the lift!

Bottled Water = Best Friend

I stood out like a penis at a lesbian convention with my blonde hair and fair skin so was constantly being stared at!  In typical Indian style they packed the training room with 27 people and in Chinese tourist style  as we finished training them they whipped out their camera's and we had to pose for tons of pictures.  Shame some of them had actually put on their best clothes for the pictures too!

Rama the lunch and taxi organiser (middle) got dressed up in his "Sunday Best" for our last day (very sweet)

Finally, the thing that struck me the most was that despite adversity they just get on with it and go about their business. There is lots of development and building going on and they create jobs like nowhere else I've ever seen. Instead of having one person at reception they'll have six. I think that other countries should take a lesson from them in that regard.
Looking foward to my next trip...

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Opening speech! first blog post!

I decided to create a blog to share funny & interesting pictures and stories about my life and travels.

Being born and bred in South Africa meant I've never had much opportunity to travel.  That is....until 2006 (when I followed my heart to London), I've been to more countries in the last 6 years than I've been to in my 36 years and I love it!

Now because this is work travel, my days are usually spent at the local office working hard but on weekends and in the evenings I try to see as much of the place as possible and this is usually when the fun starts!

I've been to France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, China, USA, Copenhagen, Portugal, India, Brazil & Argentina.

I have such funny stories from all these places and look forward to rehashing them one by one...